NVidia Broadcast 1.3 Crashing

If NVidia Broadcast is crashing on you every time you try to change the default microphone, there’s a workaround.

Completely uninstall v1.3, then reboot. Install v1.2, then install v1.3 on top of it, with an express install. Do not use ‘custom’, because that will remove all of the v1.2 files.

It’s believed the issue is being caused by the v1.3 installer writing a broken initial configuration file. You won’t see this problem if you started with v1.2 and upgraded to v1.3 — only if you do a clean/fresh install of v1.3.

The trick is finding a v1.2 installer. NVidia doesn’t have it on their site and hasn’t made it easy to find. The full name of the v1.2 installer is ‘NVIDIA_Broadcast_v1.2.0.49.exe’, with the following file checksums:

  • MD5: 3b03181e46dd2aa6238fd6ca130c148f
  • SHA1: a9c6aa79ed06a5b4fea0eb9cac6e4def0e2a07ca
  • SHA256: f5c5dcb736b9f4e66aa359665e552d7859f43787233ced345aeac466773b5c6b

See my post about Checksum Files on Windows to learn how to get the checksums of files.

Due to several requests — because NVidia seems to have gone out of their way to hide this download — I’ve decided to post the v1.2 installer here. As always, download at your own risk. Trust no one. NVIDIA_Broadcast_v1.2.0.49.exe

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